Northfield Arts and Crafts

 Northfield Arts and Crafts

Carvings and Engravings.

These are produced on a computer controlled cutting machine. Images are derived from hand drawn originals.


Size : approximately the same as an A4 piece of paper .

Variations : Cut into marine grade plywood, salvaged hardwood, or salvaged veneered furniture board.

Prices : Marine plywood £ 30, hardwood £50, salvaged furniture £20.

Limited edition : each is numbered and signed.


Please send me an e-mail if you need any further information.            click here for contact info

Click on the images for a larger view....


carving-butterfly-hardwoodButterfly on hardwood

carving-redkite-hardwoodRed Kite on hardwood

carving-redkite-plywoodRed Kite on marine plywood

carving-redkite-plywoodOwl on hardwood

carving-owl-plywoodOwl on marine plywood

carving-greenmanalien-hardwoodGreen Man Alien on hardwood

carving-ccate-plywoodCheshire Cat on marine plywood

carving-spider-hardwoodSpider on hardwood

carved-hsttrainHST Train on marine plywood

engraving-amradio-reclaimedvpAmateur radio shack plaque on reclaimed furniture board



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