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Project in construction : Monuments Made sculpture

June 2019

Constructed in Machine cut marine grade plywood and laminated redwood pine. Epoxy resin and polyurethane varnish coated.

Monuments Made was conceived and constructed to be part of the GOSSIP art group exhibition at the Stirling Engine Shed in September 2019.

The designs celebrate some of the iconic monuments in Stirling and embed shapes of the historic tools used to create them.

Look deeper into the images and see how many different type of tool you can spot.


proj-monmadeTest hang in garden

proj-monmadeHand drawn artwork

proj-monmadeTrial structure in cardboard

proj-monmadeMaterials cut

proj-monmadeComputer cutting

proj-monmadeFinished cuts

proj-monmadeBase legs laminating

proj-monmadeBase legs done

proj-monmadeFinal Assembly



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