Northfield Arts and Crafts: Ken Elliott

wooden sculpture Monuments Made

June 2019

Constructed in machine cut marine grade plywood and laminated redwood pine. Epoxy resin and polyurethane varnish coated.

Monuments Made was conceived and constructed to be part of the GOSSIP art group exhibition at the Stirling Engine Shed in September 2019.

The designs celebrate some of the iconic monuments in Stirling and embed shapes of the historic tools used to create them.

Look deeper into the images and see how many different types of construction tools you can spot.


Monuments Made in a garden setting


and a bit closer

the construction process

hand drawn artwork

the start of the process is the sketches which are then scanned into a computer and processed in software to produce a list of instructions for the cutting machine


a test of the layout in card

you can see the tool images at their best in this image


cutting the materials

in 9mm marine grade plywood


cutting with a computer controlled router

This machine is guided by stepper motors on each axis which respond to the instructions from the computer control program. The router cutter spins at 12000 rpm and takes about 45 minutes to cut a panel. The tubing extracts dust and wood chips away from the machine.


panels cut

ready for a lot of sanding then coating in resin and varnish


laminating the base support struts

these are each made from four strips of pine glued in the curved support jig


the completed support struts

these are ready for sanding and coating in resin and varnish


a test assembly in the workshop

coated and varnished ready for display